Tuesday, 25 May 2010

KG-Off Hunger Suppresant

Product description

The Kg-Off line Hunger Suppressant biologically active food supplement helps to avoid intemperance in food by controlling your appetite.

The active element of that product is glucomannan, the highly purified water-soluble plant fiber. It is obtained from tubers of the unique Japanese plant named konjac. For almost two thousand years konjac has remained one of the most popular products in Japan. It makes the intestine activity regular, stabilizes weight and improves the way people feel in general. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, including manganese, magnesium and chromium. Glucomannan is the main active element of konjac. It is hard to imagine but on getting into the organism the fiber swells absorbing the liquid in the amount 200 times over its own volume! This gel-like low-calory cellular tissue fills the stomach for some time suppressing the sense of hunger and preventing overeating.

In this way, when exposed to glucomannan the stomach gradually assumes its proper physiological size and the gastrointestinal tract activity is normalized.

Kg-Off Hunger Suppressant allows to form much faster the habit of eating regularly, often, but just a little at a time. This bioactive food supplement finely tunes your appetite providing a reliable weight control for a long time.

And a person regularly taking Hunger Suppressant does not need to change the usual way of life or deny the favorite meals but just has to somewhat limit their consumption. This limiting is a natural thing, it does not require a lot of willpower: the stomach reduced to its proper physiological size will not demand extra food. While eating regularly will not allow your appetite to develop without restraint.

KG-Off Fat Absorber

Product description

A lot of fats gets into the contemporary human organism with the ordinary food.

Fats by themselves are necessary, it is impossible to do away with them completely. The problem is in their amount, in how much of them the organism consumes and, most important, digests. And that amount sometimes exceeds the real needs of the body. Often in the food that we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner there are so much fats that the body is hard put to process them and all the "excess" is placed in thick layers under our skin.

The Kg-Off line Fat Absorber biologically active food supplement solves the problem of excessive fats supplied with food. Its active substances intercept the fat molecules while they are not digested yet. Chitosan contained in the product attracts fat cells like a magnet, binds them and removes them from the body with other waste products. Chitosan is the most powerful natural sorbent.

Chitosan, on the one hand, acts mechanically passing through the gastrointestinal tract, catching fat and "bad" cholesterol on its way and removing them from the body.

On the other hand, it is capable of forming a lot of hydrogen bonds.

That is why chitosan can bind many organic water-soluble substances (for instance, toxins) and remove them from the organism together with chemical waste and heavy metal ions. The action of chitosan in Kg-Off Fat Absorber is augmented by chromium, the microelement whose main function is to regulate the carbohydrate metabolism. In addition, chromium effectively suppresses our craving for sweets.

So, thanks to chitosan in Fat Absorber the process of reducing the excessive weight becomes much less exhausting.

But, and it is also quite important, the Fat Absorber action is not limited only to "working" on fats. This bioactive supplement also helps in normalizing metabolism and reducing the "bad" cholesterol level, encourages the growth of bifidus bacteria that favorably affect the intestine activity.

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