Wednesday, 30 June 2010



The Secret of Eternal Youth

The complex is recommended for protecting the organism against unfavorable environmental factors. It helps in preventing premature age-related changes and in improving the metabolism.

Poor environmental situation, stresses, improper nutrition, smoking, lack of physical activities and other unfavorable factors contribute to the excess of free radicals forming in the organism. As a result the operation of vital systems breaks down.

The Antiox+ biologically active supplement contains grape dry extract that has the antioxidizing effect. It neutralizes the harmful impact of free radicals, helps in preventing various diseases and the premature organism ageing. The extract of maidenhair tree leaves from the relict tree surviving since the age of dinosaurs is traditionally used in the Oriental medicine for regulating the functions of blood vessels, reducing the risk of diseases and improving the blood circulation in the brain.

Tip: Make it a habit to contemplate for at least 5 minutes daily pleasant things and events forthcoming for you in the near future. Shut out unpleasant thoughts into "soap bubbles" and chase them away.

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