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Natural Protection for Liver

It is recommended for detoxing the organism, reducing the risk of liver and bile passage diseases, normalizing the digestive system functions.

Cupers contains the extract of Saint-Mary-thistle, the plant used for reducing risks of liver, stomach and intestine diseases. Silimarin, the active substance inSaint-Mary-thistle, helps in protecting and restoring the liver cells, neutralizes toxins preventing their invasion of liver. Fumitory is used in cases of chronic constipation, dropsy, gout, various diseases of bile passages, it also regulates the liver secretory function. Artichoke was used in treating jaundice and liver impairment as early as in the 16th century. It was also applied as a decongestant. In one of the first ever illustrated herbals Hieronymus Bock described the effect of the artichoke extract as follows: "It serves for curing clogged liver and kidneys as well as dropsy".

Did you know that it is reckoned that the liver of one adult in each three is out of order? Avicenna, the famous ancient philosopher and physician, said: "If liver is healthy, then the entire organism is healthy".

Composition: saint-mary-thistle, fumitory, bur artichoke.

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