Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Pax+ forte

Pax+ forte

Take It Easy!

It is recommended for improving your sleep and increasing the organism resistibility to stresses. It helps in eliminating the state of anxiety and restlessness.

The most effective way to fight stresses is to avoid them. Alas, it is not often possible. But you can increase your resistance to stresses - you just need to take care of supporting your organism.

Pax+ forte contains Lavender, Valerian and Melissa. These plants are used for increasing the organism resistibility in nervous tension situations, help in eliminating restlessness, assist in preventing stresses. The complex also includes B group vitamins having a significant role in the nervous system functions. Those vitamins sustain the organism at emotional strains, strengthen memory, help in improving the sleep quality, assist in avoiding negative consequences of stresses.

Tip: Learn to forgive, laugh more often and cherish each passing minute.

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