Did You Know That…

… fruit and vegetables now contain a lot less vitamins and minerals than half a century ago?
Such are the results of a study by the University of Texas in Austin. In the period of 1950 up to 2000 the researchers there recorded in detail the composition of 43 most popular kinds of fruit and vegetables. After analyzing the data obtained they published the sad conclusions: in those years the vitamin A content in fruit and vegetables dropped on the average by 18%, that of vitamin C, iron and calcium – got lower by 15-16%, of phosphorus - by 9%, of protein – by 6%.
"This means that today a person suffering from shortage, say, of Vitamin A will have to eat four carrots instead on one", researchers state.

… chromium saves you from depression and overeating?
According to the research results published in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice, biologically active food supplements containing chromium can alleviate the condition of atypical depression patients. It is known that depressions are as a rule accompanied by the pathological craving for carbohydrates, and chromium, researchers maintain, favorably affects the insulin sensitivity.
In the study undertaken for 8 weeks 113 outpatients aged 40 and over suffering from the atypical depression daily received 600 μg of chromium.
That dose positively affected the pathologic appetite disorders: craving for carbohydrates got clearly less while their libido got normalized.
Now researchers the world over pay close attention to the issue that is at least as important – favorable impact of chromium on the condition of diabetes sufferers or those who are predisposed to that disease.
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…grapes prolong life?
The organic substance named resveratrol contained in grapes and some other berries and nuts prolongs life for the vertebrates. This was found by neurophysiologist Alessandro Cellerino and his colleagues from Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Italy, after studying fish of the Nothobranchius furzeri species.
30 fishes got a small dose of resveratrol as food supplement, 60 fishes had a medium dose and 20 other – a large dose; 47 control fishes fed on regular food.
The control group lived for nine weeks, the normal span for the fish species, the same was true for the fishes getting the low supplement dose. For the fishes fed the medium dose of resveratrol the life span was 27% over the norm while those getting a large dose of the substance survived twice as long.
The fishes fed on the supplement also demonstrated higher agility and better memory performance than the control group.
The subsequent analysis confirmed that neurons in the heads of those fishes were being destroyed slower than for the control ones. This made the researchers assume that resveratrol prolongs life by protecting the central nervous system. In addition, it was found that the substance aids in treating asthma.
That study was the first evidence of resveratrol prolonging life for vertebrates. Previously the researchers had reported the extention of the life span of yeast cells and also some successful experiments with insects had been conducted along the same lines.
The researchers note that the mechanism of the resveratrol action has not yet been determined completely. It is known that the substance is concentrated in abundance in red wine but consuming it in the extreme a person would suffer more damage on the neurons from the impact of alcohol than all advantages of resveratrol can ever be. So the researchers recommend to include grapes, especially, the dark varieties, in the ration more often.
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…healthy thyroid is the way to the happy family life?
It is known that the thyroid disfunctions cause unmotivated emotional outbursts and for such patients the mood shifts and irritability are often main complaints.
It turns out that frequently the reasons for family quarrels and even divorces are… thyroid problems. According to the statistics, such incidences are found in women eight times more often than in men. Due to this trouble the fair sex finds it hard to control their emotions, so men should treat such situations with more attention and care – it is quite possible that the female character gets worse due to hormonal disorders that are easily corrected and their fretful wives just need medical help.
Moreover, the normally functioning thyroid aids in prolonging one's youth, in preserving the beautiful figure, in ensuring
normal digestion and the inexhaustible supply of vital forces.
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… fish makes children smarter?
Scientists maintain that women consuming more fish containing polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids when pregnant give birth more often to smart and communicative kids, since such substances are responsible for the valuable brain activities.
The research by Prof. Joseph Hibbeln of the National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, shows that those acids determine the future child mental capacity as well as fine motor skills and motor-visual coordination while their shortage causes propensity for the antisocial behavior.
In particular, the study results presented recently at a scientific conference in London, showed that for children of the women consuming the least amounts of omega-3 acid during pregnancy the verbal IQ was 6 points lower than the average. This was an amazing message, since up to that time it had been recommended for pregnant women to limit their consumption of fatty fish and seafood in order to protect the embryo against possible impact of the dioxin residue and of methyl mercury harmful for the brain.
Joseph Hibbeln whose paper was published in The Economist, states that his study proves that the advantages of consuming fish significantly outweigh any possible risks. Prof. Hibbeln worked together with Prof. Jean Golding conducting the longitudinal study of parents and children based on Bristol University in UK. They used the data of 14 thousand mothers and their offspring. The study demonstrated that the children with best motor performance at the age of 3.5 years had been born by mothers consuming most omega-3 acid while pregnant. Consumption of that acid in low amounts leads to a great possibility of the pathologic social activities in children, for instance, their inability to make friends that is often a precursor of the antisocial behavior in future.
Fish is a rich source of omega-3 acid but due to its possible dioxin content the British Food Standards Agency recommends that prospective mothers, pregnant and nursing women limit their intake to two portions of fatty fish per week.
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